About Us

Lakeside Industries is a family owned business established in 1978.  Our business began when dad started a representative business to support his wife and 6 children.  Located in a small village around Chautauqua Lake he traveled often.  Over the years business began to grow in many directions.  As the kids grew older, four of the brothers joined in with dad to help him grow his accounts and explore new opportunities.  In 1995 we started a second company, Lakeside Industries, to manufacture quality mechanical assemblies.  

We believe in team work, standing behind our product and excellent customer service.  Our #1 goal is to go beyond our customer’s expectations.  We are proud to manufacture MADE IN THE USA products.


Our major emphasis is our leveling pad production.  Our levelers are crafted in Western New York to meet our individual customer’s needs.  We have mastered a design that is highly desired with our competitive pricing.  Our skilled engineering team will work with you on a leveling mount solution to fit your specific requirements.

Lakeside designs and stocks a variety of off-the-shelf and custom leveling mounts, idlers, rollers, lead screws, and v-groove guide wheels.