Stainless Steel tie down bases

Posted by Amy Jo on 1/31/2023
Stainless Steel tie down bases
Lakeside Industries is now offering a stainless steel tie down base.  Perfect for outdoor, food applications and more! 
We can design other custom stainless steel bases upon request.  Please send your RFQ with drawing to [email protected] today. 
We are excited to expanding our leveling product line in 2023.

Furniture restoration customers continue to be enthusiastic about our low price stainless steel Leveling Pads with great durability!

Posted by Jeff Benson on 5/14/2019 to News

Our furniture restoration customers continue to be enthusiastic about our low price stainless steel Leveling Pads with great durability.  Bill from Connecticut recently said, "I bought a bunch of these heavy duty adjustable glides and was very pleased with their quality and price."

Customers enjoy Leveling Feet, our low cost and durability win 2 great reviews!

Posted by AJ Catlett on 3/8/2019 to News
Customers enjoy Leveling Feet, our low cost and durability win 2 great reviews!
Customers are letting us know how much they enjoy our stainless steel threaded Leveling Mount, 1210120-AB20-SS.  With its heavy duty, high load capacity and black acetal base its a customer home run!  We have received many reviews of these Leveling feet in the past year about their great durability and low cost. 

Don from New York wrote, "I bought these for a table saw since the original legs were no longer available.  On advice from Lakeside Industries I chose the fixed base and carefully matched the measurements to the original.  These legs are of much higher quality than the original and have met my needs beyond expectations.  Lakeside Industries was very easy to work with and shipped my order quickly.  I would highly recommend this company based on my experience."

Mark from California wrote, "Yes, they are very nice and they fill an empty niche. Most leveling feet fall in either of 2 categories; furniture grade junk or industrial 5,000+ pound rated uber expensive.  For us in the aquarium hobby, with tanks that weigh 1000-5000 pounds, there is not a whole lot available.  Your feet were reasonably priced, had protective and swivel base option and are stainless steel corrosion resistant.   You really hit a home run for us :) "

Now offering Furniture Tee Nuts in 3/8-16 and 1/2-13 threads

Posted by on 2/15/2019
Available for customers using wood applications.  Offers an easy solution for adjusting the height on wooden desks, tables, furniture and more!
Available in 3 or 4 prongs depending on thread size.
Used to resist twisting in both hardwood and softwood. 
Hammer tee nut into a pre drilled hole to install.

Thread Sizes
3/8-16 with .44" barrel length
1/2-13 with .38" barrel length

Zinc-plated steel
Mild corrosion resistant

RoHS Compliant

These Furniture Tee Nuts are located under our FASTENERS.  There you will also find our nut selection as well.  Our nuts come in the following threads: 3/8-16, 1/2-13, 5/8-11, 3/4-10.

Expanded Leveling Mount Selection Adding 3/8-16 Thread Size

Posted by Jeff Benson on 1/31/2019
Lakeside Industries has expanded our leveling pad selection to include a 3/8-16" threaded leveling mounts.  This thread is now part of our current 1/2-13", 5/8-11" and 3/4-10" threaded leveling pad family.

Our customers have 2 options in leveling bolt material; either zinc-plated steel or stainless steel.  Lakeside Industries has a variety of base diameters.  Our popular 2.0 inch diameter base comes in multiple materials including nylon, nylon glass filled and ultra durable acetal black plastic.  A smaller base diameter option is 1.12 inch in nylon.

At Lakeside Industries we strive to go above our customer's expectations.  All customer requests to offer additional leveling pad features and accessories are reviewed and considered.  Coming soon due to your request!  In early 2019 our website will provide a .75 diameter base and  furniture nuts in 3/8-16" and 1/2-13" threads.  

Thank you to our many customers for their helpful ideas and enthusiastic support.

Launch of Our New Website

Posted by Jeff Benson on 5/22/2018 to News

Lakeside Industries is pleased to announce the launch our newly redesigned website, . We have redesigned our site as we insist on maintaining the highest standards for your buying experience.

Welcome to our online store

Posted by on 6/4/2014 to News
Welcome to our online store! Our team is proud to announce that we're now open for business, and we look forward to serving you all in the future. If you have any questions about this store or the products found within, please don't hesitate to contact us any time. Our website has been carefully designed to provide you with an amazingly flexible online shopping experience, and its ease of navigation is something we think you'll grow to depend on and appreciate. Feel free to browse our entire product catalog, and let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the items housed within. Our team is always ready and willing to assist our customers, and we are happy for your visit.